Course 1: OpenFOAM Introductory Course

  • General introduction:

                   File structure in OpenFOAM

                  Basic of Linux and some useful commands

                  How to install OpenFOAM (Windows and Linux)

                  How to find and use solvers and tutorials in OpenFOAM


  • How to generate the meshes in OpenFOAM using the in-built tools, how to convert the meshes generated by the other tools to OpenFOAM mesh
  • Case setup for laminar and turbulent flows, solution control and monitoring (plotting residuals and continuity errors)
  • Postprocessing the results, data analytics and data visualisation and creating animations using Paraview. Plot the results using XmGrace, Gnuplot.
  • Running in parallel

Course 2: Wave and offshore applications

  • Wave modelling:

                        Find the solvers to model the waves in OpenFOAM.

                       Available wave models in OpenFOAM

                       Free surface modeling

                       Boundary conditions

                       Meshing the domain

                        How to set waves

                         Postprocessing the results


  • Modelling of the floating objects in OpenFOAM
  • Added mass computation in OpenFOAM
  • Drag and lift forces calculation in OpenFOAM
  • Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) modelling and calculation
  • Particle modelling and erosion in OpenFOAM
  • Mesh motion and topology changes in OpenFOAM
  • Heat transfer modeling in OpenFOAM

Course materials: the presented materials are printed out and the tutorial cases are handed out electronically. Tutorials are solved in each section to help understanding discussed topics. The content may be slightly changed based on mostly requested analysis types.

Dates and location: 

1st and 2nd November for Course 1, Bryne, Exact location to be decided later

3’rd and 4th November for Course 2, Bryne, Exact location to be decided later                                      

Course certificate: a training certificate is issued to all attendees who completed the course.

Registration and fee: To register in the course, send a mail to or call +47 – 934 322 42. The fee for each course is NOK 9600. If you attend to both 20% discount is given for the second course. If there are co-workers from same company they will get additional 20% discount for both course. Special prices are given for PhD students, postDocs and academic staff.

The registration fee includes course materials as well as lunches and coffee.

OpenFOAM® disclaimer
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