TOGIAker SolutionsLocal design of lifting points for various structures2023
VærøyStangeland GlassfiberprodukterDetail strenght calculations of walkway in poltruded GRP profiles2023
Diving platformSørskår Mek. VerkstedStrenght calculations of a diving tower in aluminium2023
ScrubberCSUBStructural design calculations of a 7.5m diameter scrubber in GRP2022
High impact coverSubsea 7Conceptual design GRP covers for 1.5MJ dropped object impact2022
Subsea skidInnovaDesign calculation of a subsea skid cc. to DNV-ST-E2.7-32022
Anode bankImencoStructural design calculations for a subsea anode bank2022
Subsea basketNexumDesign calculation of a subsea basket acc. to DNV-ST-E2.7-32021
Loading skidEnergy XDesign calculation of a Loading skid acc. to DNV-ST-E2.7-32021
Buried GRP tankFiberproduktDesign calculations of a buried Ø3m diameter GRP tank2021
Car wash hallMaproDetail design of a car wash hall in sandwich composite material2021
Car trailersTysse Mekaniske V.Stress calculations of new models of car trailers2021
Alpha ManifoldNOVPipe stress analysis of the piping on Alpha Manifold2021
WalkwaysMOWIConceptual design of reinforcement of existing walkways2021
Composite towerStatnettDesign review of 420kV composite tower2021
Yme GRP coversCSUB/Deepocean3rd party verification of the GRP covers2020-2021
SROVReach SubseaCFD simulations to verify slamming forces on a ROV and extract other hydrodynamic coefficients2020
Kjøresterk broStangeland GlassfiberprodukterComposite bridge for heavy traffic at Kverneland. 2020
Seabox trawl studySeaboxConceptual design of a trawl friendly version of Seabox2020
Troll C phase 3Deepocean3rd party verification of the GRP covers2020
CassiopeiaCSUB/TFMCDetail analysis of a protection cover for the Cassiopia project2020
R&DNOVCFD analysis and derive analytic formulas for diffraction wave forces on a subsea storage tank2020
AskeladdOcean InstallerTie-in analyses of 3 SuperDuplex spools and 2 umbilicals2019-2020
RolvsnesCSUB/TFMCDetail analysis SWPS structure in GRP. The size was 20x20x9m2019
Cutting toolIK-Norway / Control CutterStructural calculation of a 2500Te pipe cutter2019
Åsgard ACSUB/DeepoceanStructural calculations of the GRP dome covers2019
Fenja GRP coversCSUB/TFMCStructural calculations of the GRP covers for the project2019
GlendronachCSUB/Ocean InstallerConceptual and detail analysis of SWPS structure in GRP. The size was 18x18x9m2018-2019
Polarled Dvalin In-line TeeDEA NorgeRe-analysis of existing Zidane/Dvalin In-line Tee. Independent tie-in and in-place analysis of gas export spool designed by TFMC2018-2019
Misc. glassfiber walkwaysStangeland glassfiberprodukterStructural calculations of various walkways made be pultruded glass fiber profiles2018-2019
Mongstad Pig receiver trolleyIK-NorwayFE analyses of a pig trolley2018-2019
ROV skidEnvirex asDetailed FE analysis of a ROV skid2018
High impact coverCSUB/IKMFE simulations of 1400kJ impact on GRP covers2018
TEN Field, GhanaDeepocean/Tullow OilLocal FE analyses of carbon-PEEK pipes in various tensioner-configurations2018
South China SeaDesignbankenFE analyses of Pipeline Installation Frame. Lifting rigging design and sea fastening design2018
TFMC Liuhua GRP coversCSUB/TFMCFE analyses of a canopy GRP cover2018
Johan Sverdrup Welding PigDesignbankenFE analyses of polyurethane seals for a welding pig2018
Snorre Expansion Sealine ProtectionCSUB/TFMCFE analyses of sealine protection in GRP2018
Misc. Bolt tensionersDesignbankenFE analysis of various bolt tensioners for several projects according to EN134452018
SverdrupDeepoceanTemperature analysis of a hyperbaric weld for a 36″ joint2018
SeaboxCSUB/NOVDetailed FE analyses for the two first prototypes NOV’s Seabox in GRP2017-2018
Bahr EssalamCSUB/TFMCFE analyses of the GRP covers for the project2017
Bend stiffener support clampCSUB/Ocean InstallerConceptual and detailed design analyser of a GRP clamp. Verification performed for a bend-restrictor2017
Gina KrogCSUB/Ocean InstallerDetailed design of an umbilical ramp in GRP2017
Gina Krog and Oseberg Vestflanken 2Ocean InstallerTie-in analyses of 6 spools2017
Edradour phase 2CSUB/TFMCFE analyses of the GRP-covers for the 2017 delivery2016-2017
ScrubberCSUB/PurenviroFE analyses of several scrubbers in GRP2016
Gasket simulationsESDrillingFE simulations of different polyurethane gaskets2016
Gina Krog GRP coversCSUB/Dof SubseaFE analyses of the GRP covers for the project2016